Frequently Asked Questionsitle


Q: Is this like Choo Choo Soul?

A: Yes, in that the music is soulful and fun, and is driven by my voice and vocal style. This music is all about interaction and will surely entertain.

Q: Will you be in your Train Conductor costume?

A: No,I will not. I will, however, be in my own costume that reflects how cool I can be without showing any skin. ;)

Q: Is the show educational?

A: YES! My songs will (1) teach a melody that will guarantee anyone can memorize their phone number, (2) help to learn how to count by fives and tell time, (3) help understand the vowel sounds by using them in a vocal warmup, and (4) explain the difference between and OUTSIDE VOICE and an inside voice.

Q: Your songs are for K-2. Can my older students attend, and will they enjoy it?

A: ABSOLUTELY! Choo Choo Soul has been airing for over 9 years, and I can almost guarantee that many of your older students grew up watching and learning with me on Disney Channel and Disney Junior. My story is inspiring to anyone interested in making their own dreams come true with hard work and creativity.

Q: What do you need for the performance in terms of A/V?

A: Access to a power supply that can handle 120V, and enough space to set up a small PA system.

Q: My School is not comfortable with selling merchandise by send-home pamphlets or fundraisers.

A: Not to worry! We can still arrange a tour stop for a flat fee beginning at $1,000.

Q: My school has no funding and we simply can't afford to bring you out.

A: Fill out the contact form and I'm sure we can work something out.